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Teachers and those of you who work in education - welcome. You'll no doubt know that young people face pressures and issues that they can find hard going. Whilst schools provide much needed and valuable support, it can often be the case that students can need additional support outside of the school environment. We often hear that clients want to go somewhere away from their classmates and their questions, to "keep it private"... We provide this, and often support students who need that extra place and time to work through their problems. We've been collaborating with schools and teachers since 2014, many of whom have contacted us for advice and to connect parents with our services. We're now continuing to build these relationships through our counselling for individuals and our workshops for young people. Want to know more? Just get in touch!


For those of you working to help others, such as GPs, social workers, mental health professionals, charity workers and volunteers, we'd like to get to know you, and you us... It seems as our awareness of mental health grows and some of the taboos are being broken down socially, it often seems that the routes to help patients become more pressured.

NHS waiting lists for counselling sadly can be long and often there's a delay of several months between your referral and the patient receiving therapy. The referrals for CBT, to IAPT or CAMHS are invaluable, yet we know that accessing counselling sooner rather than later can be critical.


We don't see ourselves as competing, more as being an additional service for your patients to access when they need us, often in the interim or once they have completed their NHS sessions. We can help your patients to help themselves and to build on their wellbeing as soon and as fully as possible.


Whatever your role, we'd love to be able to tell you more about what we do and how it can help your students, patients and clients, so please get in touch if you'd like to now more.

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