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We all need time and space... SHINE! counselling gives you just that! Maybe you've had counselling before, maybe through the doctors, maybe at school or privately... this is a bit different, so maybe there's some things that are good to know...


  1. It's for individuals to see a counsellor on their own, so parents and family don't have to be there. You can come on your own or, if it feels a bit scary or intimidating first time, you can have a parent or someone you choose to come with you to start off, if you feel better with that.

  • Whatever is talked about stays confidential (which basically means we try to keep everything as private as possible).

  • The room is quiet and private, and there's somewhere you can wait if you want to if you're early, where you can go on your phone or just chill before your session. Or ,if you're bang on time, you can just come straight through or your counsellor can just pop out, say hey and invite you in.

  • Sessions are 60 mins long, usually at the same time each week. So, say 4.30pm after school or college works for you, then we agree on it and keep this as your time - that way you can rely on it each time.

  • Sessions are £40 each, and you can pay cash or use a card. We do offer some reduced fee / concessionary sessions depending on income and circumstances, so please ask about them. We try to offer 25-50% of our clients an affordable fee as we want everyone to be able to get counselling if they need it.

Parents and guardians, we know you want the best for your child or teenager. We know that chances are, they're thinking of seeing someone because there's something in their life that could be helped to be better. We want you to know they're in good hands with us for counselling... So we're very happy to talk through any of the process and answer questions you may have. Please feel free to get in touch and ask away...

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