SHINE! works to make young people’s lives better.

We believe in counselling. We know what it can do and how it helps young people deal with their problems. And we know how it can help deal with things here-and-now, not just storing things up for later. To us, young people are important – they’re the adults of tomorrow - smart, vibrant, unique, full of potential…

       We also know they need time and space to think and feel, and sometimes a helping hand, so they can be better at just being who they are…


SHINE! offers one-to-one counselling sessions for young people aged 12-18. We have an amazing team of counsellors who help young people with issues such as:

Anxiety / Depression / Self-esteem / Sexual issues / Gender / LGBT / Eating Disorders / Self-Harm / OCD / Addictions / Relationships / Divorce / Bullying / Stress / Bereavement / Family issues

As qualified counsellors, our team are DBS checked, GDPR compliant and fully insured. If you're a young person you can contact us directly, as can a parent or guardian. We also take referrals and recommendations from schools, organisations, colleges and GPs that are looking to help students or patients to access additional sources of support. Most importantly, we're passionate about what we do!




Counselling is about you. It helps you to work through the difficulties you have in life. It helps you to feel better, to reduce the negatives and see the positives. It’s a kind of talking therapy, where a counsellor (a highly trained person who specialises in listening) helps you to open up about your problems.

It might sound a bit daunting at first, but over a little bit of time you both build a good relationship together. You get trust, respect and you’re not judged for what you say or do.

Counsellors are different and we don’t go running off to report things to anyone. We’re not teachers or tutors, doctors or parents – and we’re not going to tell you you’re right or wrong, or what you should or shouldn’t think or feel.

We listen to you. We let you express yourself. If you’re worried, that’s ok... If you’re upset, that’s alright... If you're angry, well, that’s ok too. We work with you, together. We help you make better choices. We help you work out what you're thinking and feeling, and why… so you can go on to understand things better. Often when you do this you feel better too, and your problems don’t seem so big or intimidating. See, we like to help, but in a way that gets you to help yourself too...



SHINE! offers two important services, both promoting young people's mental health and wellbeing. These are 1 to 1 Individual Counselling and Interactive Workshops. We work with private clients, schools, GP surgeries and professional organisations too. To find out more just click on the images below:

"I valued the counselling so much. She was patient and didn't ask me loads of questions, just listened and treated me like a person, different to other people. Also I liked the room too which was cosy and nice to be in."

Hayley P 15

"I was struggling with school work and feeling pressured... and things at home were really tough, so having Matt to help and a private space really helped me to see what mattered most."

Lucy D 16

"I learned different ways to cope with my stress and my anxiety. I'm not scared of panic attacks anymore now."

Layla B 14

"I know that I've always got somewhere I can go, if things go wrong again, but I feel stronger to do it on my own."

Will M 14

"It was ok to be angry, they let me get my anger out - and it was different to before, like it started to make sense."

Robbie T 17

"It's different to what you think, not like speaking to your mates or anything, I felt like I could say stuff like it really is, not pretending to be ok all the time when I wasn't."

Ollie, 16




You can get in touch with us here using the details above or with our email box below. It's confidential, and we'll always get back to you :-)

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